Get Choosy

The color combo that never goes out of style: pink & red! I think it’s safe to say that it’s a classic at this point. When I discovered this matching set by Get Choosy I immediately fell in love and when I saw the price…I knew I had to have it! Then entire set (belt included) was under $150 when you sign up for emails to get 15% off which you’ll want to do anyways because everything is so. stinking. cute. and an incredible value for the price! It was definitely one of those happy accident moments when you stumble upon one of your new favorite places to shop! Ah, the magic of Instagram.

I’ve just recently started getting into shopping on Etsy (late to the game, I know) and discovered the shop “icravejewels”! I DIED when I saw these earrings. They look like they were made just for me and they feel so special and unique! She has tons of pieces in her shop so if you’re looking for a show stopping statement piece, I highly recommend checking out her work!