Hi! Thank you for visiting The Stone File, a fashion blog run by yours truly, Taylor Stone. I’m a recently engaged, South Georgian, late 20-something with a deep love for leopard print, statement earrings and Prosecco! Here you’ll find daily outfit inspiration, style guides, beauty favorites and the occasional cocktail recipe. The Stone File is all about fashion for YOU! I hope to inspire others to stay true to who they are, experiment with wardrobe choices and, most importantly, to remember that it should never feel like work. Simply stated, fashion is SO MUCH FUN and adds so much joy to life. 

The Stone File began when I was in college pursuing a degree in Journalism. I’ve always enjoyed writing so starting a fashion blog seemed like a natural progression to combine two passions: fashion and writing. Fast forward five years and TSF is one of my proudest and most rewarding accomplishments. As a natural introvert doing an extroverts job, I have been forced out of my comfort zone time and time again and have grown so much from it. TSF has evolved from a weekend hobby into my entire life…something that is authentically “me” and that gives me purpose. I hope that my love for this blog comes through as it is a true labor of love.

My goal is to share my personal style along with my number one fashion rule: there are no rules. Wear what you love. Wear what makes you happy and confident regardless of what’s “on trend” because what really matters is you and if you’re confident in what you’re wearing…well, it doesn’t really matter what you’re wearing.  It will always work! 

Want to chat more? I would LOVE to! You can always email me directly at thestonefile@gmail.com. Thanks again and welcome!

Taylor Stone Xo