The Stone File: 04/01/16



Top | Jeans | Shoes | Sunnies
Happy Friday!

I'm not one to throw on a pair of jeans very often (thunder thigh complex), but today I wanted to try something new and I'm so happy I did. I snagged this Greylin top on sale from Lyon + Post and love how sweet and dainty it is -- it's the perfect top for transitioning into Spring, but the real hero of today's look are these precious little t-strap bow pumps by Ssh-oes! Aside from being completely darling, they're insanely "wear all day and all night" comfortable AND they're specially engineered to not make noise when you walk, making Ssh-oes the only company in the world designing quiet heels! That's a huge deal for someone like me who you can ALWAYS hear coming! They run true to size so I'm wearing a size 8 and they also come in Black.

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