The Stone File: 03/02/16


french kande

Hi lovies! 

Not only is it the beginning of March, but it's also the start of "French Kande Month"! If you aren't familiar with French Kande yet, take a moment to browse through their website and Instagram and you'll be instantly hooked. There's something to be said about statement jewelry like this that truly completes a look and makes you feel so special wearing it. I'm beyond excited to bring you an entire months worth of these impossibly chic, vintage-inspired pieces.

If you know me at all -- and lets be honest, we're practically family by now -- you know that I obsess over two things: vintage and sparkle. So when I saw this French Kande necklace featuring a vintage-inspired medallion and Swarovski chain, I immediately fell in love. 

Each French Kande piece has a story and this particular medallion was created for a purveyor of fine French tapestries in the town of Rouen, located in the Normandy region and best known for the demise of Joan of Arc. Pretty darn cool, right?

Scroll through for full outfit details and let us know what you think down below in the comments!

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