The Stone File: 12/07/15



Hi angels! I hope you all had a beautiful weekend. Today I'm so excited to bring you a special post with Zvelle. If you haven't been introduced to Zvelle yet, that's all about to change. Zvelle is unlike any luxury shoe line that you've seen before. Inspired by architecture, Zvelle's founder and creative director, Elle AyoubZadeh, sought to design a collection of shoes for the working woman that were both stylish and comfortable, transitioning effortlessly from day to night.

Can you imagine wearing the same pair of heels from the moment you begin your day until the moment it ends? With Zvelle you can. Of course, the shoes are incredibly comfortable and easy to wear, but more than that, they're effortless, timeless and fresh. I love being able to see the passion that went in to creating something and it is so clear to me with Zvelle that this collection was created with passion and purpose.

I'm wearing the Zvelle "Sydney Kitten Pumps" in High Risk Red, taking you through a day in my life from #9to9. While styling these looks, it became clear very quickly that these pumps go with just about everything and I realized how easily that they can take you from day to night. As you'll see as you scroll through the looks, this shoe is seriously next-level and so versatile. From the back, you see an edgy, block heel and, from the side, a sexy stiletto.

From running errands to attending holiday events, check out how I transition from #9to9 with Zvelle below!

9 AM

9 PM

Shop the Sydney Kitten Pump and the entire collection here and here!