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dernière minute gift guide

There's something much more acceptable about "last minute" shopping when it's in French, go figure. So, without further ado, I present to you, the "Dernière Minute" Gift Guide! Shop these precious gift ideas from Nordstrom by clicking the links below and if you hurry, you'll recieve FREE SHIPPING by Christmas Eve! Oh, and did I mention that all of these items are UNDER $50? That's right.

Happy Shopping you little elves!

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american hustle style


It's the weekend before Christmas (yay!), which means tons of last minute shopping from the queen of procrastination -- yours truly -- and a little extra dose of glam via extra-festive styling. One of my favorite looks to channel is that type of Old Hollywood glamour that is sleek, refined, over-the-top, but effortless. There's little I love more when it comes to wearing a look like this than the feeling you get from the outfit -- it literally transforms you. The way that you carry yourself, think, speak -- it's just different. That's the power of clothing, of fashion. It's almost like silent become someone different in the most subtle way possible -- a huge part of my fascination with and love of fashion comes from that because it is the easiest way to transform yourself and it makes such a huge impact on how you feel on the inside.

I hope you enjoy today's look and have a wonderful weekend in preparation for the big day!


All in the details: Jacket: Lucy Paris (similar here, here and here) | Sweater: Forever 21 (similar here) | Pants: Greylin Collection | Sunnies: Tom Ford "Nastasya" (here) | Watch: Michael Kors | Shoes: Altuzarra (for Target)

Photography: Tara Ashton | | @tarashton
Hair: Haley Rowe | @hlr6


leopard lust

Hi everyone and Happy Wednesday!

I ventured deep into the archives today for this dress that I have had for years and years AND years! I don't know about you guys, but sometimes I just get in "one of those moods" where I gaze lovingly into my closet, look past all of my new purchases, tags attached, and opt for an old friend like this spotted number. Maybe it's comforting? I don't know, but I'll choose that route on occasion and today's look is a perfect example of one of those times! Nobody will ever be able to diminish my love for 1. leopard print and 2. amazing statement pieces that are somewhat over-the-top, but equally timeless.

All in the details: Dress: Rodarte (SO OLD, similar here) | Shoes: Sam Edelman "Mariel" | Sunnies: Ray Ban "Vagabond" | Watch: Michael Kors | Lips: Revlon Colorstay Just Bitten Stain in "Romantic"

Photography: Tara Ashton | | @tarashton
Hair: Haley Rowe | @hlr6



Hi everyone!

There's nothing I love more than a good jumpsuit, especially during the holidays -- there's something about an LBJ ("little blue jumpsuit" for today) that takes an evening look to the next level. Don't get me wrong, I'm all about a classic cocktail dress, but sometimes a girl just needs to mix things up! This jumpsuit by Greylin Collection is the essence of holiday chic and fits like an absolute dream, even the subtle pleating seems to work effortlessly -- rare happenstance, I assure you. I decided to finish this look off with a thin, black faux fur jacket (Donna Salyer's Fabulous Furs is the BEST option for amazing faux furs), but a cape or something similar would look darling as well! 

Lately I have been focusing on finding classic pieces that are timeless rather than trying too hard to be trendy. I love trends, they're great, fun, but fleeting. As far as my personal style is concerned, I definitely gravitate towards a streamlined, sophistication, which I think comes through well in today's look!

All in the details: Jumpsuit: Greylin (similar here) | Jacket: OLD (similar here) | Shoes: Altuzarra | Necklace: Nashelle Designs (here) | Watch: Michael Kors | Lips: Revlon ColorStay Just Bitten Stain in "Romantic" (here)

Photography: Tara Ashton | | @tarashton
Hair: Haley Rowe | @hlr6


red // black

All in the details: Top: THML (The Azalea Center | @azaleacenter) | Vest: Renee C. (The Azalea Center | @azaleacenter) | Pants: C. Luce | Boots: Sam Edelman (similar here) | Watch: Michael Kors | Sunnies: Ray Ban "Vagabond" | Nails: Morgan Taylor "Powersuit" (here) | Lips: Revlon Color Stay Just Bitten Stain in "Romantic" (here)

Photography: Tara Ashton | | @tarashton
Hair: Haley Rowe | @hlr6


leather // sequins

Hi everyone!

It's party season, people, and that means that our social and style endurance is about to be put to the ultimate test. Family affairs. Cocktails with your favorites. Christmas Eve festivities. Holiday brunch. Dinner dates. Christmas parties with your coworkers. The list of obligatory (but, hey we aren't complaining) holiday functions is endless, which invites the inevitable question, "What do I wear?"

Why not sparkle as bright as your Christmas lights this holiday season? Dressing up is arguably one of the most anticipated perks of the holiday season for us fashion-savvy souls, so why not take advantage of the pure magic that is Christmas and go all out with glitter, sequins, leather and, of course, red lips!

Today's look is perfect for date night, holiday Christmas parties or even for a champagne campaign with your girlfriends! This Adelyn Rae dress is the epitome of holiday chic with its bold, patterned sequin design mixing gold, bronze and silver (quite possibly one of my favorite combos in life)! Aside from the pure brilliance of the aesthetic, the fit is equally fabulous -- think of it as an updated LBD.

Throw on an edgy leather jacket -- this Free People one is absolutely everything and even has a drawstring on the inside to adjust the shape! -- and you're ready for mistletoe, champagne and great company!

Make sure to peruse the credits for links to purchase. Enjoy!

All in the details: Dress: Adelyn Rae (c/o The Azalea Center | @azaleacenter) | Jacket: Free People (c/o The Azalea Center | @azaleacenter) | Shoes: Sam Edelman "Mariel" (similar here) | Necklace: Nashelle Designs (here) | Sunnies: Ray Ban "Vagabond" | Nails: Morgan Taylor "Powersuit" (here) | Lips: Revlon Color Stay Just Bitten Stain in "Romantic" (here

Photography: Tara Ashton | | @tarashton
Hair: Haley Rowe | @hlr6



Hi everyone!

A perpetual fashion rule: wearing all-black can't help but be dramatically chic. Add metallic thread, feathers and over-the-knee boots and you've really got something, well, magical. What better way to celebrate the holiday's?

Over the years, Greylin has become one of my "go-to" brands for basically any occasion -- their pieces are so versatile, special and easy to wear while exuding a sort of effortless whimsy and class that just works. So when I saw this top, I immediately fell in love. For me, it's always exciting to find pieces that have this type of...subtle drama, if that makes sense. Also, the line overall runs a bit large so I always have to size down, which I'm all about! (Snag one for yourself at The Azalea Center! | @azaleacenter)

Throw on a fun circle skirt and a pair of edgy over-the-knee boots and you're set for a holiday party, date night or just a fun night out with the girls!

A little holiday silliness never hurt anyone! Thanks to my perfection of a photographer for playing along when I fell in love with this stud muffin and wanted a couple's shot!
All in the details: Top: Greylin (c/o The Azalea Center | @azaleacenter) | Skirt: H&M (here) | Boots: Sam Edelman (similar here) | Necklace: Nashelle Designs (here) | Watch: Michael Kors | Sunnies: Ray Ban "Vagabond" | Headband: Forever 21 (here) | Nails: Morgan Taylor "Powersuit" (here) | Lips: Revlon Color Stay Just Bitten Stain in "Romantic" (here)

Photography: Tara Ashton | | @tarashton
Hair: Haley Rowe | @hlr6


black and white

Hi everyone!

Ah, December -- the Friday of the months. Basically everything I choose to wear during this time of the year screams "winter wanderlust" through a comprehensive combination of softer-than-soft sweaters, anything that catches light and a range of accessories which include Starbucks cups, red lips and MADE in the deep south jewels (which gives any look a huge holiday revamp!)

Today's look incorporates the effortless whimsy of holiday dressing mixed with a dash of inspiration from Johnny Cash (Classic Christmas, anyone?). Investing in wardrobe staples like these black wide-leg trousers is key for creating a variety of different looks -- this pair in particular have saved me during events like interviews, casual looks like this one and even for a night out! The wonderful thing about investment pieces is that they are classic, reliable and timeless. I'm sold!

All in the details: Top: Forever 21 (similar here and here) | Pants: Greylin (similar here and here) | Shoes: Altuzarra (for Target) (similar here and here) | Necklace: MADE in the deep south (here) | Watch: Michael Kors | Sunnies: Ray Ban "Vagabond" | Nails: Butter "Union Jack Black" | Lips: MAC Lipglass in "Send Me Sailing"

Photography: Tara Ashton | | @tarashton
Hair: Haley Rowe | @hlr6


rose red

Hi everyone!

The Holiday's are HERE which means way too many (but really, never enough) Christmas parties, Champagne and quality time spent with the ones that mean the most. Christmas is, by far, my most beloved holiday for the obvious reasons -- the abundance of glitter, shopping and sweet treats -- but also for the intangible reasons that can only be experienced. It's all about that "feeling" that you get when you're out and about during the holiday season, the overwhelming presence of happiness -- either real or imagined, who cares -- that seems to encapsulate every aspect of this time of the year. From the very first Starbucks "red cup" (and subsequent Instagram capture, dont lie) to the perpetual desire to pile on coats, vests, scarves, etc. even though you live in the Southeast corner of the country where it's just plain old HOT outside! 

What better way to complement such a wondrous holiday than with impeccably avant-garde ensembles that demand attention! Today's post is a "go-to" holiday look for me because it makes a huge statement, while actually remaining quite simple. This dress is possibly the most literal take on "holiday dressing" that I could have styled, but hey, why not rock a bright red swing dress with roses, ruffles and pleats?! That's just what we like to do over here at The Stone File.

All in the details - Dress: Basically Me | Shoes: Sam Edelman | Sunnies: Ray Ban "Vagabond" | Lips: MAC Lipglass in "Send Me Sailing" | Nails: Butter "Union Jack Black"

Photography: Tara Ashton | | @tarashton
Hair: Haley Rowe | @hlr6


mixed bag

All in the details - Top: Old Navy | Dress: Free People | Belt: J. Crew | Shoes: Altuzarra (for Target) | Watch: Michael Kors | Sunnies: Ray Ban "Vagabond" | Nails: Butter "Union Jack Black" | Lips: MAC Lipglass in "Send Me Sailing"

Photography: Tara Ashton | | @tarashton
Hair: Haley Rowe | @hlr6

cyber monday

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check check

All in the details - Blazer: Greylin | Skirt: (similar here) | Scarf: Forever 21 (here) | Shoes: Sam Edelman | Sunnies: Ray Ban "Vagabond" | Lips: NYX "Haute Melon"

Photography: Tara Ashton | | @tarashton
Hair: Haley Rowe | @hlr6